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Who are


We are a commercial agency, helping companies to deploy multi-layer commercial strategies across Business, Peer and Government channels through a community-led approach.


This allows us to create trust and transparency with the companies in our network and open opportunities for our candidates.

We believe in the power of community and peer development.

* We will match you with the best Companies based on your skills, experience and professional focus.

* We will understand the best cultural and social fit for your professional placement based on your goals and objectives.




* During each placement, we keep in touch to make sure it's going as smooth as possible.


* We support each candidate with programmes in wellness, personal development, business skills and communication.





*The candidate must have an Upper-Intermediate level of English.

*The candidate must be in the country and with a student or work permit.

*The candidate must have an availability of 12 weeks to complete the placement.

*The Candidate must be available to work between 15 and 20 hours per week.



This form will help us to learn about you and give us the opportunity to find companies that match 



We post the opportunities in our community.  
We will contact you when an opportunity matches your profile




When you've been selected, we will let you you know dates
and times for an interview with the matched company. 




Let's start! During your internship, we will stay in communication and you will benefit from our upskilling and development programmes


Frequently asked questions

Understanding the Internship Program

We believe in the power of community collaboration. We connect you with our network of SMEs and create dynamic placement opportunities that best align to your skills and value. Our companies come from a wide array of sectors and are all looking for the best talent to support their growth.

Do I have to pay to be part of the programme?

No, this programme is funded by ConsortiaCo and is free to participate.

Can the company hire me after my internship?

Yes, if the company chooses to do so. This is not a guarantee, however we will help you demonstrate your value throughout the placement to create the best outcome for you and the company.

What are the professions with the most opportunities?

We connect you with a community of over 100 SMEs for roles such as Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Accountancy and Digital. We also look for specialist roles to match specific requirements.

How can I increase my chances to secure an internship?

Each month we provide targeted training to our interns to help them stand out and be more attractive to our companies. Participating in these programmes and enhancing your skills is the best way to increase your chances.

Will I be paid?

This are not pay placements. However, some employers have may payments during the internship program. The intern program is designed to provide you whith greater opportunities to find employment, expand your experience and grow your network.